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Superhero stat sheet

With the impending release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, a few infographics were released that give us some backgorund details on the most notable superheroes and villains in the game. Each informat…

In case you missed it, Greg Capullo’s cover to DARK NIGHTS: METAL #5 was revealed last Friday, featuring the first look at The Batman Who Laughs!

DC’s final nightmare Batman, a Batman-Joker hybrid, is truly terrifying

Red Death (Batman and Flash merged together) DC's Batman Metall

Red Death (Batman and Flash merged together) DC's Batman Metall

Whenever Bruce is giving an inspirational speech he turns around to find this.  Also, Jason is eating popcorn out of his helmet.

I love how in the first photo Damian looks so high and mighty and in the second Jason’s just eating popcorn

Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson   (I have a crush on Robin/Nightwing.)

Flying Grayson / Robin I / Nightwing / Batman Dick Grayson, a true wonder. Dick Grayson belongs to DC Comics