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Inicjacja Kalaczakry wraz z wyjaśnieniami

Account recalling the Kalachakra Initiation given by Beru Khyentse Rinpoche in Karma Guen, Spain, May 2009

Samantabhadra (blue buddha) and Samantabhadri (white consort) in yabyum.

Pema Heruka Guhya Jnana Dakini Greeting Card for Sale by Sergey Noskov

Nāropa (1016-1100) était un érudit d'Inde et un maître reconnu du bouddhisme tibétain.Il est l'un des maillons de la Lignée du Rosaire d´Or. Nāropa naquit dans une famille royale du Bengale. Il lui fut donné le nom de Samantabhadra et devait devenir roi. Toutefois, étant plus incliné vers la voie spirituelle et les études intellectuelles, à l'âge de huit ans, il demanda à aller au Cachemire afin de recevoir une éducation supérieure.

Mahasiddha Naropa “Naropa is remembered for his trust and devotion to his teacher, which, according to his biography, enabled him to attain enlightenment in one lifetime. He is also remembered as part of the "Golden Garland”, meaning he is a lineage.

This is impressive - the amount of work that went into just making these characters. And they look fantastic.

Choose your favorite Gods team, and give them skills.

Choose your favorite Gods team, and give them skills. - <<thanks to smite I see gods missing. Like Isaname Japanese matron of the dead, not to mention ALL the Norse gods.

Indian Adept (siddha) - Saraha (HimalayanArt)

Indian Adept (siddha) - Saraha - Rubin Museum of Art - Tibet

· Ornament of Reason - The Great Commentary to Nagarjuna's Root of the Middle Way — by Mabja Jangchub Tsondru


Tibetan Buddhist Thangka of Guru Rinpoche--Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Pema Siddhi Hung

Samantabhadra Yab Yum greeting card [Artwork N/I] - $1.50 : Zen ...

Samantabhadra Yab Yum greeting card [Artwork N/I] - $1.50 : Zen ...