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Mandalas de los diseños de las #Holos, codificados desde lprincipios activos de la naturaleza, transformados desde la Homeopatía en imágenes. lluïsa y Rosó www.holoplace.net/info

Six Red Circles by Q. Thomas Bower This is a processed blend of six images from the pool, each depicting some vision of a red circle.

Wheel of Year by Helene Grasset.  One of the most beautiful renditions of the Wheel of the Year I've ever seen.

Astarte Moon Inspirations a life closer to nature's rhythms : Litha, Summer Solstice; Wheel of the Year Customs and Traditions

La única regla, es que no hay reglas.

Energy, like you, has no beginning & no end. It can never be destroyed. It is only ever shifting states. ~ Panache Desai looks like a tapestry to me.

Heart Chakra Mandala by herminia

(I love the feeling of this heart centered mandala 'overlayed' on the obscured, 'the everyday'- wonderful!

10897063_823901920981448_2456769432929351514_n.jpg (500×500)

Circular forms in art are often referred to as mandalas, the Sanskrit word for "sacred circle." For thousands of years the creation of circular, often geometric designs has been part of spiritual practices around the world and almost every culture has rev