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new channel of taylor swift but the sad thing is that it's not available here :(

Taylor Swift Now- coming soon



I died dead

I died dead

Soooooooooooooo proud of my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swiftie Note added 362 new photos to the album: Timeline Photos -

I love both of these brilliant talented women

2 of my favorite people

So kind!! She has tonnes of cash that she could be spending on so many other things but instead she decides to donate to charity for most of it❤

Thats awsome taylor!

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Not a huge Taylor Swift fan but this makes me respect her

Are you ready?

nice Are you ready?

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Now

I loved hearing her explain this in interviews. I'm so happy she included that in the song!

All You Had To Do Was *high pitched voice* Stay

Taylor Swift Facts

In case anyone was curious. I know I was wondering how she does it so perfect all the time

Taylor Swift Now, Taylors

:) love T. Swift ...

:) love T. Swift ...

That is one of my favorite things! Or the fact that she thought her and Zac Efron were dating!:D

Lol the funniest Taylor moments are on Ellen

She said this from the concert!

She said this from the concert!

For many students, talking about Taylor Swift, Kanye West, or other pop-culture icons is sometimes a way for them to discuss gender, race, and class in terms that they understand.

Who Is Taylor Swift? Using Pop Culture for Deeper Learning

Things Taylor taught me