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Cat cosmic

We know you guys enjoyed these vibrant and psychedelic artworks by South Korean comic artist Jen Bartel, so we thought it was about time to update you on her.

Galactic Cats – Les illustrations explosives et colorées de Jen Bartel

Cosmo Kitty

"Celestial Cat" by Boya Latumahina aka ZipporaLux The British Shorthair & The Pelican Nebula. A world -ok well. at least Internet- dominating moggy and an ancient celestial body become one.

Quick: What’s better than cute, multicolored cats? That’s right, multicolored cats from outer space!

Illustrator Jen Bartel's Awesome Galactic Cats

Artist Jen Bartel draws a series of psychedelic felines that look like they could have come straight from outer space.

Galactic Cats: Psychedelic Illustrations Merge Cats And Space