ƬЄレɑʂ ░ ░ Qʊɑɗરoʂ

Graphic-style fashion illustration of Miu Miu by Erik Madigan Heck. black canvas and colored paint?

Victor Nizovtsev

Creating the night sky. by Victor Nizovtsev (crescent moon, stars, art)

Dissection of a Kiwi

kiwi kiwi - Is it a kiwi-fruit or kiwi bird? In NZ, kiwi is the bird, "kiwifruit" is what you eat. Kiwis (the people from NZ) love them both!

Sognatrice impenitente. Ottimista sfacciata. Sorridente per "difetto" di fabbrica. Contorta nella mia semplicità. Dolcemente incasinata.

I love this print. "The way we met, it happened so fast," illustration based on a one-liner by Patrik Svensson.

Malika Favre - Shop BA

Bella ilustración - " Buenos Aires " Cover illustration for the Buenos Aires issue of SHOP magazine, from Pop and Swinging

Mostra in alta risoluzione   Saul Steinberg

Decor- Automatism Smile- Love Saul Steinberg's drawings on furniture. So playful and fun.