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Copper Bicycle.

Van Heesch Copper Bicycle - Anthropologie This is the most beautiful bike I've ever seen.

Copper plated then aged Colnago

Copper Plated Colnago Master w/ Campagnolo Anniversary edition components.

"Raised Vessels (detail)" by Adele Brereton. Silver, oxidised copper.

"Raised Vessels (detail)" by Adele Brereton.

Hand painted bikes from Rob's Woodgrain Bike Frames - wow this thing is seriously beautiful

Graphic Cuffs by Jennifer Bauser. Bold and angular, these forged cuffs have a lively pattern of geometric cut-outs. Cuff #5 is bright sterling silver. Cuff #2 is available in copper with a matte black painted finish, sterling silver with bright finish, or sterling silver with oxidized finish.

Graphic Cuffs by Jennifer Bauser (Copper & Silver Bracelets

lightweight wheels, THM crankset, noiseless belt-drive, Ralf Holleis, VORWaeRTZ, 3D-printed track bike, 3D-printed road bike, titanium alloy...

Ralf Holleis Unveils Ultralight Custom Track Bike With 3D Printed Lugs

Bike Frame with Printed Lugs by Ralf Holleis. It’s a track bike frame with printed stainless steel lugs glued together with carbon fiber tubes.