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5 libros infantiles que los adultos deben tener | Picnic

los duendes recogen miel by piñatha , via Behance


I made these garlands as a hypothetical product. There are four total, each showing girls with hairstyles from a different decade: the and I used ink and pen to illustrate them. They each come in a vellum envelope with colored twin…


Gary Taxali - Happy 13 is the first year since 1987 where all four digits are different from one another.

(̏◕◊◕)̋  What's not to like? A lil' bird with a cupcake on her head.

Little Birds by Kate Wilson, via Behance; You can never have too many drawings of a bird with a cupcake on his head! I love of paradise

What’s Inside? by Brosmind

Brosmind, a studio based in Barcelona founded by illustrators Juan and Alejandro Mingarro in created these two awesome pieces as part of an ongoing personal project entitled What’s Inside?

Brosmind | Illustrators | Central Illustration Agency

Barcelona, Spain-based designers and brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro of the Brosmind creative studio have created What’s Inside, an imaginative series