BTS (Rap Monster and Suga)

“[HQ] Bangtan Rap Monster & Suga for AJ x The Star Korea Source: memorare”


RapMonster- this man looking like a full course thanksgiving meal with that bomb ass potato salad and some good ass juice with a piece of that chocolate cheese cake 😭

Stop it 0.0

BJJZKI me: pre debut namjoon is so cute smh he- Yall: *throws receipts on how much i love jung hoseok the sun an angel*

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Rap Monster & Suga ❤️ BTS

Rap Monster & Suga ❤️ Tattooed BTS is a concept I would like back please:D

Top: Jimin, Rap Monster & Jhope Bottom: kookie, jimin, rap monster & hope oppa

Et la petite dernière avec Jungkook l'incruste et un un Rapmon bourré x)

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