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Metallic dispenser for printed guides or information sheets. Estimated sales price (TBC) € per item, depending on the quantity and printing/branding.

Floor graphics

Design studio Your Friends curated and designed the exhibition, "Utformasjon" in collaboration with product designers StokkeAustad and ODL at Galleri ROM.

Je passe des heures sur Pinterest qui est une grande source d’inspiration pour moi. Mes envies changent au fil des mois, des années… J’ai voulu simplement montrer les tendances qui me parlent en ce moment. Un brin de minimalisme, de la pureté, du naturel, des typographies sobres, des ambiances épurées, des éléments bruts, de la modernité… Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur mes inspirations : Pinterest.

Inspirations Pinterest

Custom made furniture Shop stand sign: / Solid oak oil finish / Steel hardening melamine paint

Remember that sweets shop I promised to blog about a couple of weeks ago? Well this is it. Finally, I get to share with you this wonderful shop, that our friends Miyamoto and Waka took us to when w…

Interesting display, could be an interesting use of wall space for drawings. Looks clean, and professional, draws the viewer in yet the works still the show stopper.

From : http://www.resd.de/projekte/162/Geheimnisse-der-Maler

nice replica area (window adds to the scene, but isn't "reality" based bc uses exhibit colors, more design integrated), drawer display style, graphic color pops

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Dark Side of Typography