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Of course the most ripped character in the show is Vic goddamn Mignogna's.

Hima wasn't kidding when he said Greece was as muscular as Germany. I'm laughing so hard right now, it's not normal anymore.

Prussia, making  girls feel better about themselves. I want to cry.

Prussia, making girls feel better about themselves. I love you Prussia

It's cannon I ship it so hard it's my OTP omg holy doitsu and mother of pasta this is it omg

GERITA I just love this omg. If so, the gerita wedding must be canon! We need the gerita wedding on the anime.

HWFC 03 - US v. Seychelles by kanae on DeviantArt Like this.

Oh my god Russia XD<< with the kolkolkol on top then the raep and France with the SEX PLS sign and Iggy with the unicorn.

America and Russia from Hetalia. I love how America can be kind of evil when he's angry or hates someone or something, especially with Russia and it looks like the person Russia hates the most is ,and will always be, America ...

Cold War Hetalia<---and then I do a 180 and post this. I'm giving and receiving mixed signals. Do not ship it, and never will but it is amazingly well drawn with the expressions.

Russia and America

Russia and America >>> America, sweetie, what the hell did you expect to happen