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Part 1

Klance- Love flower part 1 (art is by CaseyDambro, btw I made up the title)

Just your casual langst

LANCE YOU ARE NOT USELESS! with out you the team would have fallen apart long ago. in fact there wouldn't even BE a team with out you.

This is a short comic of Lance accepting his feelings for Keith, (as someone suggested it). Also bonus pictures of all the big cats, and the gems they belong to.

HAHAHAHA "Did he notice me thinking about stealing his blues??"

Hello, my name is caro and I love to draw. Currently working on my Original Story. Please don't repost my art anywhere.

This book is about klance! Sorry if I don't post that much on this bo…

I own none of these they go to their respected owners


i fucking love this, but the horse would be the red or blue lion


Keith and Lance ~ OMG THAT'S CUTE! I love all the dorky things the fandom makes Lance do! He needs to be appreciated more!