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The Omnibus Scribbler — PART 4 Lance has a chit-chat with the red lion & i.

Lance is beta. –but Omega, actually. Keith is alpa… umm… and. bite the…

good job gays

God I wish. Not fussed about the shipping but it'd be funny as fuck

※Age swap Shiro 14 years old Pidge 25 years old

TKG (火の国の民) on

※Age swap Shiro 14 years old Pidge 25 years old Oh my goodness how cute!

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Taifuu No Allura by SolKorra

Crossover for fun with the short animated movie "Taifuu no Noruda" I watched it in the night, not was a so amazing short, and the story was so so great,. Taifuu No Allura