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Keith / Lance

Kate ♡ Multiship Mess™️ ♡ I draw fluff too much

Heaven/Hell (KLANCE WEEK) by KT-ExReplica

Heaven/Hell (KLANCE WEEK) by KT-ExReplica>>>boyfriend cuddles are exactly what lance needs to get through the week

Keith / Lance

Keith / Lance <<<< this is me and my girlfriend on sleepovers, and in case you were wondering, she's Lance in this.

Voltron: Legendary Defender *Keith*

come here my little space child *falils arms in attempt to hug*

IT WAS A TRAP.......... And it worked XD

Keith is weak to Lance's romantic gestures me: keith is gay, just gay keith things

Keith / Lance / Shiro

I don't ship Lance as bottom (prefer Keith or Shiro to be bottom. Keith could be top but only top for Shiro. Bottom for Lance.) <<-- nah, Lance is always bottom, so cute

Rachelhuey88 - Tumblr Cupid Lance << ohhh I remember reading a fanfic like this, can’t remember the name but it was cool

Why Do I Attract Men In Relationships

Lance as Cupid. First of all, I ship klance Also this is cute and sad in my eyes. Lance finds pairs for other people, but what if he never could find the right girl for him?

Keith / Lance

Plus Keith acting like an excited puppy when he see Lance is hilarious.

Keith / Lance | Pidge | Hunk **marchingspace**

Pidge ships it and Hunk isn't thinking at the moment but then will explain it to Hunk and then Lance ends up carrying him bridal style