David Bowie, Cherokee Recording Studio, Hollywood, 1975, for the album Station to Station, by Geoff MacCormack. “I was the only backing vocalist on these sessions, so the voices you hear on, say, ‘Golden Years’, are just Bowie’s and mine”

David Bowie recording Station to Station (the album he has no recollection of making) in Los Angeles, 1976 by Geoff MacCormack


Bowie embraced the trend of embroidery to embellish worn jeans.

From Space Oddity to Aladdin Sane and beyond, David Bowie’s bold-yet-badass, totally-out-of-this-world...

Happy Birthday, David Bowie! (Nasty Gal Blog)

Musician - Ziggy Stardust costume - not the eyepatch and scarf (THIS TIME), but I should bring my son's little electric guitar

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Mon 11 Jan 2016 The World lost not just an Icon today, someone who inspired crafted imagined evoked ideas and passion in every inch of his being, a man like no other, he will never be seen again, s.

David Bowie 1972 (Masayoshi Sukita photographer) http://ift.tt/2kLTpJQ

From Ziggy Stardust to dandy to art-rocker, he elevated fashion as a cultural force.