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Prettiest substitute for a closet! That would look so cool and everything is visible, on display. It would force me to keep my clothing more organized as well

I bet I could make something like this with wooden hangers. Fancy - Hang On Storage System by Pog Architecture

I really like how complex this is. I remember seeing a Club Monaco window like this with books as a back drop and then ripped pages on the floor. I really like this because it gives you a straight forward "reading book" theme. It makes everything look more sophisticated and smart. I could use these in one of my displays to make it look like a very calm and relaxing window.

"Don't judge a book by its cover" Selfridges & Co Department Store display in the UK. They transformed their basement floor into a library/bookstore for a period through Mar

Christmas glam

These Holiday Ladies where created as a window dressing. If i had my own flower shop i would so do this as a window display. At a Holiday Tea or Fashion show, this would be a Knock-Out! I love this idea.

Effortless Anthropologie: Creative retail fit-out and visual merchandising.

For stores without a framed in front window, use painted foam core cut into strips to create a visual backdrop for your product display.


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large Foam core boards to brainstorm ideas. Ikea Benjamin stools hacked to keep the boards upright. They can still be used as stools when needed and are also great for creating temporary walls for project spaces.