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Corset/Armor ---- "The Crown Princess" corset couture outfit by Royal Black Couture and Corsetry


The Silver Queen-Deluxe Scale Maille scalemail bra halter dragon armor LARP…

This might be fun to make...great for layering

Perfect Fall / Winter Look – Latest Casual Fashion Arrivals. - Powerful Luxury Fashion Trends In The World - Powerful Luxury Fashion Trends In The World


I think what I like about this is that it's an exotic style in an unexpected color.


Ear cuff have pierced to be able to show off. Easily found in jewelry a row of small earrings to the earlobe. Ear cuffs idea by top fashion-able celebrity

from Unjung Yun link?

(Note to self) attach doilies to a cream colored corset (or tank top) to try to recreate this. Could end up being very cool "Gypsy Boho Chic Steampunk !

She was a dazzling display of terror in a solid gold bodice decked with feather-like razors. Yet the auburn fabric trailing behind her reminded the people of her grace and femininity; that did t stop them from bowing to the ground when her name was barely whispered. The empress was a goddess, and she ruled the world.

Dress of the Phoenix

goldenghostie: justanaverageteen: fairytas: Phoenix dress almost finished for her big debut in Los Angeles.

Warrior Lady's Half Corset - Dark Chest&Back Armor - Female Leather Cuirass by IronWoodsShop on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/221960143/warrior-ladys-half-corset-dark-chestback

Warrior Lady's Half Corset - Dark Chest&Back Armor - Female Leather Cuirass by IronWoodsShop on Etsy / medieval costume / cosplay / fantasy / Game of Thrones / women's wasteland inspiration

#Steampunk #Medusa Corset can be commissioned at OrganicArmor.com

The Medusa corset. Notice the coiling snakes and steampunk gears. - Spotlight on Organic Armor. for your medusa costume!

i would totally rock this

Fannie Schiavoni - metal feather hand jewelry, don't know where or when Id wear this but its cool

Sapphire's watch

Steampunk Spiked Gears Cuff via Etsy. I hope she doesn't get rusty. Very nice fingerless glove. It is too feminine for me but I still admire its beauty!

13886993_1091156267633637_1472444901136789362_n.jpg (960×960)

I SHOULD be wearing this at Hallow'een. Vampire collar (I had a halloween collar years ago made of a type of styrofoam that stayed up, but this is wicked awesome!