Worshipping by Nicolas Gazut ©

Worshipping by Nicolas Gazut © whatever fuck ass devil is fucking me over and trying to undo me as god somehow or murder me or sate me with his 3 witches in hell now one the way to hell 2


Rota Taro Orat Tora Ator: The wheel of tarot speaks the law of life

Plague Doctor

“Good doctor, my cure is most effective.” This lil' guy is probably one of my  He's the best mix of threatening and endearing.

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John Kenn has created these awesome and freaky illustrations, his art is very dark and surreal and most of his pieces have children in scary situations surround

John Kenn sticky note monsters More

John Kenn sticky note monsters More

I don’t know what this is from but it’s beautiful ♥

LOL I've been wanting to draw something like this for months now.I'm such a loser. Another sketch of Shizuku and Haru from the manga Tonari no Kaibuts. Pencil: Shizuku x Haru