The Traveler by Logan Zillmer, a series on dealing with frustrations, showing them in a tragicomic way.

American photographer Logan Zillmer creates an ongoing series of surreal and conceptual photography, revealing every day of the year one project.


Gorgeous photography by artist Danya Kontorovich aka Tertius Alio based in Russia. He uses saturated color correction to balance the subtle suggestive surrealism in his pictures.

fotografia artística

Fotografias surreais de Kylli Sparre

Balão sobre pedra

Oleg Oprisco - Seamless Spotlight Oleg Oprisco on starting out in a photo lab, shooting on film and being inspired by everyday scenes.

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Narcissism ~ Cynthia Decker Fine Art (the truth about Narcissistic reflection - Narcissists are like vampires, they can't see their real reflection in a mirror, what they see is what they choose to see anything else is unacceptable to them.

The Encounter on Behance

Behind the Lens: Surreal Photographer Logan Zillmer Explores the Mysterious - My Modern Met


Surreal & Conceptual Photography by Logan Zillmer

Logan Zillmer, el mundo visible en la fotografía - Cultura Colectiva - Cultura Colectiva

Logan Zillmer, el mundo visible en la fotografía

Strikingly Surreal Self-Portraits - Photographer Logan Zillmer Envisions the Impossible for a Year (GALLERY)