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When you are a jikook shipper and you feel bad about Jungkook. Nevermind kookie. You can still marry me

If Jungkookie was looking at Jiminie, the smol abs man is gonna be jumping with joy.

That moment when everyone is taller then you

Aww but they're still just as sweet Suga loves his dongsaengs so much and Jungkook may seem like an ungrateful little sht a lot of the time but he also respects and loves his hyungs a lot as well ❤️omg have same problem😂still tall fam tho

I love everything about him ♡ even if he wanna be a grape

Happy Stars Shine The Brightest -{ Maybeanothername }🖤×🖤

Possibly the most shocking moment in BTS history???

Possibly the most shocking moment in BTS history? pss si wey no mames(? (le respondi a el/la de arriba)

Random exo memes (complete) - bts exo moment

Read bts exo moment from the story Random exo memes (complete) by with reads. Hahaha Exo show time!

PRINCE JIN....seriously I wish I had his confidence

The confidence he has in his handsome face is simply astounding


i literally just teared up a bit tae loves jimin so much

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Not agreeing, they all have moments like this so don't you dare judge Kookie otherwise I'll have your head on a platter