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Maiko y Geisha (diferencias)

Tomeko (とめ子) | by Madam Satan

Young Kyoto Geiko Tomeko in the Since Maiko debuted much earlier before World War 2 - around the age of 11 or 12 - Geiko consequently were much younger, too. Most Maiko became Geiko around the.

Traditional Geisha.

Because of the rainy weather, these two new maiko in Miyagawa-cho had to wear plastic covers over their priceless silk brocade obi on the day of their misedashi (their first day as.

Maiko geta. Geta for young girls have bells inserted inside a hollow at the bottom, where the straps are tied.

Geta, traditional Japanese shoes (elevated wooden sandals) worn with a kimono or yukata . in Japan

Maiko's wooden clogs, Kyoto, Japan 舞妓さんの下駄

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