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Shinjuku #Tokyo

Virgos admire craftsmanship and high-end design, so everything is a research trip for you. You'll find the clean and modern aesthetic of Japan's cities fascinating. You're also a little bit of a health nut and an earth sign, so schedule in a few days to e


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It would be tough to argue that Japan offers one of the most vibrant and impressive sights you can lay your eyes on. But the country is not all about what you see on the postcards, as these talented street photographers are about to show you.

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan Copyright: Marko Mozetic

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan Copyright: Marko Mozetic (This picture shows Shinjuku station in Togo representing the city lights and wondrous Architecture 👏🏽

Tokyo - Shinjuku in front of the train station

our layover is in tokyo! we won't get to leave the airport but at least we'll see it from the sky.

Tokyo, Japan - #8 - photo by Masashi Wakui

As melhores fotos já tiradas de Tokyo e toda a beleza estranha do Japão



JAPAN: Tokyo Tower, Japan 東京タワーWhere I got engaged. I'll have to go back on an anniversary some day.


The building is like that to prevent earthquakes. Less probability of building collapsing. Concrete Fortresses in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan -summer 2014