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Symbol of the Green Dragon, the government authority controlling the Far East. **I like the design, but I would want it to be a sapphire dragon.

Traditional Asian Dragon. This Is Vector Illustration Ideal For A Mascot And Tattoo Or T-Shirt Graphic. - 162912164 : Shutterstock

This is vector illustration ideal for a mascot and tattoo or T-shirt graphic - buy this stock vector on Shutterstock & find other images.

The Dragon by on @deviantART

The Chinese dragon is a creature that was known to assist the gods and escort wandering souls. They were considered wise and most in the community revered them.


Tattoos White Tigers on Pay For Tribal Tattoo White Tiger Dragon Tattoo Beautiful Stammes

Tattoo design sketchbook project: shigeki.zumi: ballpoints vol.01 (pending title) Medium: ballpoint pen PLEASE don't ask to use. Be inspired, but do not copy in anyway. If you want to buy the origi...

zumi: ballpoints (pending title) Medium: ballpoint pen PLEASE don't ask to use. If you want to buy the origi.

Celtic Dragon Tattoo | Dragon tattoo for the back by ~Sakashima on deviantART

the dragon i want is specifically a japanese dragon, so this one's out of the question, but still looks good.