H.R. Giger, Primeros Intentos al Óleo

H.R. Giger, Primeros Intentos al Óleo

Giger Art, Hr Giger, Erotic Art, Chain Reaction, Xenomorph, Surrealism Art, Dark Art, Diablo, Heavy Metal

Hans Rüdi Giger: Biomechanical Landscape I No 319

Biomechanical Landscape 005 - Surrealist H R Giger Art Wallpaper Picture

Giger Art, Hr Giger, Giger Alien, Xenomorph, Aliens

Hans Rüdi Giger: Shaft Va

Underground, Ink on paper on wood, Hans Rudolph Giger

daily giger

H.R. Giger is an artist that was way fucking before his time, and his influence on underground and pop culture is HUGE! He was able to mix fantasy with


H.R. Giger, Primeras obras