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i party hard. And by party hard i mean read books like nobodys buisness

One book short of a library...

You know you're a bookworm when. Your house is one book away from being considered a library.

There is nothing better than getting  lost in a world of fiction. It may be my favorite thing.

The Magic of Books…notice that these are all tv shows or movies, I kinda find it ironic and funny

Like, look, I didn’t sign on to tumblr dot com for George of the Jungle discourse, but I’m just now realizing that this movie may have done the most for destroying my conception of stoic masculinity and gender roles as a child. http://fuckyeahwomenprotesting.tumblr.com/post/151712307055/starline-ms-demeanor-bifca

starline: “ ms-demeanor: “ bifca: “ justplainsomething: “ nakedsasquatch: “ lanawhatever: “ nakedsasquatch it’s ya man ” Okay but seriously folks - as often as I joke about this movie stirs my loins.