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I rewatched this scene and it did break my heart


She does say he'll be the death of her.however she must come back for Peter Capaldi - she needs to get that screwdriver!<---but she died!

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This is what is going to happen when I show up to my friends weddings. -Mad Man in a Box. I will miss Amy's imaginary Raggedy Man

Girls Night!

All the ladies. So much sass in one TARDIS.I was going to say the only thing better would be adding Captain Jack, but that much sass would break the TARDIS.<<< imagine putting the doctor in as well. That much sass might make the Tardis explode ;


I'd love to see the Doctor and Stormy all grown up. Make it happen, Moffat! All I'm thinking is Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All, grows up to be Tom Hiddleston I vote YES!

I now ship 11/Rose. And 10/Rose. And 9/Rose. And just the Doctor/Rose in general.

"You can't forget a Rose, they're too beautiful" The Doctor will always love Rose <<< I didn't need feels

doctor who

This is why I love Doctor Who. The moments when no matter who you are or what you think of yourself, the Doctor tells you that you're important.<<<I love how one of the main messages in this show is, everything is important, and that includes you.