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I rewatched this scene and it did break my heart

The look on River's face is great too...

the most hilarious oh crap moment in Doctor Who.the oh crap moment in my life.

haha! thats why we love our doctor, always doing what he wants and saying what he wants

It's Not Just Twelve

The Doctor failed his TARDIS driving test<<That's another reason he "borrowed" the TARDIS

Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor.

Aren’t you a beautiful boy…

Funny pictures about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Oh, and cool pics about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Also, Aren't you a beautiful boy.

I so so so wish Idris could come back she and the doctor were amazing.

Doctor Who

That one time the TARDIS was like every Doctor Who fan.<<NO this is me writing a story and forgetting the tense that i am in

Jack and Martha

Jack and Martha moaning about their one-sided love for

Doctor Who. Clara's Grandma is Amy Pond? But if that's the case River Song is Clara's mom and that makes the doctor her dad. And if so she truly would be the impossible girl. All this time she was saving her "dad" not the doctor!

WAIT A MINTUE this means that if this is true Amy pond Is Clara's Grandmother and that makes River Song Clara's MOTHER and then.that makes the doctor CLARAS DAD. ←------ hmm interesting theory, don't think its true but sure would be funny if it was

This is why I love Doctor Who. The moments when no matter who you are or what you think of yourself, the Doctor tells you that you're important.

This is why I love Doctor Who. The moments when no matter who you are or what you think of yourself, the Doctor tells you that you're important.<<<I love how one of the main messages in this show is, everything is important, and that includes you.

Doctor Who

This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

I can just see Moffat laughing evilly. But if this was true I'd be extremely happy. I loved the Ponds.

True? Who knows, but great thought!

After I didn't think that line could break my heart any more. :'( this is why I loved David Tenant as the Doctor

The Doctor and River

The Doctor meets River Song. She is an archeologist at The Library.


River and her Doctor. Doctor Who. She reaches out to straighten his bow tie and it's not there. It's The Doctor but not Her Doctor. (The amazing thing is, I don't know if they had even planned for Eleven to have a bow tie yet.

Spaceman &  Earth girl!   ;-) His face is priceless. And let's just take a moment to realize that 10.2 is part Donna and that he is now with Rose. Lol

I love how Donna's like watch it spaceman and the doctors like watch it earth girl like it's souposed to be offensive

Dr Who Art | doctor who burdge fan art tenth doctor ten and rose 10th doctor david ...

Not a huge fan of Rose Tyler (Doctor Who) but I think this picture is incredibly cute. JK I SHIP DEM