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Ratsma and Spaho's 3D printed shoes highlights the aesthetics and used the shape of a bird's cranium for the front of the shoe, as well as the tapered beak as the spike of the heel. The structure of the hollow skull inspired the designers to utilize 3D printing for their design for optimal efficiency, strength and eleganc

The Biomimicry Shoe A bird’s skull inspired the hollow heel of these shoes by Dutch fashion designer Marieka Ratsma and American architect Kostika Spaho.

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Fairy Shoes--fun and creative, but definitely wouldn't be comfortable for any other than fairies.


Musical Building, Germany I can't help myself, every time I see something that looks like a cello I have to pin it.

Emboya Wood Clutch by Tesler + Mendelovitch

'Wearable Wood' clutches by NJAL’s design duo Tesler+ Mendelovitch

Afbeelding van http://www.tuinenbalkon.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/groen-in-de-stad-straatkunst12.jpg.

Awesome "Graffitrees": Graffiti with Actual Trees, Afro Taino by Gabriel Abreu in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic

-angelface: “ bow heels by alexis mabille ”

These Alexis Mabille Bow Heels from his Spring/Summer 2009 speak for themselves. Not practical, perhaps, but I think they're stunning.


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Same Height Party... Yes please :) @Helena Martins @Britney Biggi @Sierra Luke

Same Height Party

Berlin-based artist Hans Hemmert (famous for his work with balloons) threw a party where guests wore shoe-extenders to make them all the same height of 2 meters, thus bringing the partygoers all to a common eye level.


The greatest city in the world blah blah blah ok do you want to see some weird photos taken on the NYC subway? I took them all on the way to work: . View Crazy Things You Might Find on the New York City Subway" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Winter Vandalism Done Right - The Meta Picture

Winter Vandalism Done Right

Disney Pixar Cars in a Parking Lot of Snow: Someone decided to animate all the cars parked in the snow outside! They resemble the cars from the movie "Cars" by

music notes transcribed into cello finger positions - Google Search

My wand chose me - viola bow. Yer an orchestra wizard Harry. An orchestra wizard

rat slippers!

these are weird slippers ok.these are weird slippers ok.these are weird slippers