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Oh how fun!  Doing a parody of American Gothic right now with my 2nd graders.  Can't wait to show it to them!

I can create a parody, cartoon, or caricature that focuses on a specific subject matter. I can use 3 elements and 3 principles as sparks for my composition.

Baby boomers portrayed in a 2003 parody of "American Gothic."

Meaning of 'Gothic' in beholder's eye / Image permeated American consciousness in ways artist never expected

Modernized American Gothic - have students choose a historical artwork and manipulate it so that it looks like the scene was from current times.

Oh nooo.. no no no.. The original painting was weird to me anyway but this makes it funnier

Star Wars American Gothic, this one works with the idea of it being a man and his daughter.

American Gothic - Winter  More Pins Like This At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest ㊙️㊗️

My collection of American Gothic Parodies. These images are divded into groups based on when or how they are used, such as Advertisments or Editorials where American Gothic is used to make a statement or just make us laugh.