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The photograph in the middle of 'Alex' in the white bed sheet isn't actually a real photo of Alexander Skarsgard. It is an edit of a photograph of an ex TV reality show. Some Alex fans made the picture

True Blood

My favorite Eric quote :)

True Blood - Eric's take on children. I want to make tiny humans with this man!


Alexander Skarsgard - 2012 May 30 - Season 5 Premiere Party Arrivals

Eric and Nora...6X01 True Blood. Scene was funny but, damn..Nora is fucking annoying. I hope Jason gives her the true death. Pmsl!

Eric and True Blood.Nora is fucking annoying. I hope Jason gives her the true death.

True Blood | 'True Blood': Stephen Moyer's Photo Album | Photo 1 of 40 |

'True Blood': Stephen Moyer's photo album

True Blood Jewelry

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Eric Northman is the superb fictional character in The Southern Vampire Books (also called Sookie Stackhouse novels), a series of 13 books written by New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris. Eric is a vampire and is introduced in the.

True Blood, I haven't watched this but I'm thinking I'm missing out on a great series.  I guess it should be next on my list to watch!!

True Blood Courses Through our Veins Again Starting Sunday

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True Blood Season 7. True Blood quote. Bill quote. "It's not safe. Every human needs a vampire."

True Blood “Jesus Gonna Be Here” Season Premiere

Eric and Bill interrupt Sookie and Alcide's moment. One of my favorite TB moments! Hilarious! "Alcide, you sure know how to treat a lady."

Eric Northman/Season 5

Bill Eric inside Sookie's home(***reminder - never give your "exes" free range to your home!