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If this were a show, Id watch it.

If this were a show, I'd watch it.

Funny pictures about Ninja Squirtles. Oh, and cool pics about Ninja Squirtles. Also, Ninja Squirtles photos.

Krookodile по Xous54 на deviantart

My artwork for Krookodile / Waruvial, the final evolution of Sandile.

new pokemon sun and moon drampa cutiefly

Drampa meets a nice Cutiefly by Phantom-Sugar

HECHOS & VIDAS: QWILFISH http://hechosyvidas.blogspot.pe/2016/08/qwilfish.html

HECHOS & VIDAS: QWILFISH http://hechosyvidas.blogspot.pe/2016/08/qwilfish.html

Resultado de imagen para pokemon shiny legendarios

Torchic Shiny, Treecko Shiny y Mudkip Shiny

Listen boy you keep those paws on the floor and do not become a fighting type okay I can't handle any more fore/fighting types just s t o p right there

I am totally Team Litten/Torracat at this point, unless they destroy the Final Evolution(s) that is. Eh, who am I kidding, I loves my Cat'emon!

greninja - Pesquisa Google

greninja - Pesquisa Google


This guy has a huge evolution chart. evolves to: silcoon

Search, Research, Searching


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