hans hollein + partner: museum of bavarian history proposal

the new museum of bavarian history is a didactic sculpture in urban space narrating the past and future, rooted in the traditions of the preceding and coming generations.

hans hollein & partner: helsinki public library proposal

being not only a library, but a multimedia centre and a communication platform for the people, the building is made to feel like an open easily accessible space.

ad009cdnb.archdaily.net wp-content uploads 2013 01 1359421654-image-8--roof-plan-fields-of-knowledge--shaga-studio---auerbach-halevy.jpg

Image 12 of 12 from gallery of 'Fields Of Knowledge' Sustainable Education Campus Second Prize Winning Proposal / ShaGa Studio + Auerbach-Halevy Architects/Ori Rittenberg(Rotem). Courtesy of ShaGa Studio + Auerbach Halevy Architects, and Doro Dietz

Frank Lloyd Wright, project, All-Steel Houses for Los Angeles, 1938  |   Proposed for an area bounded by La Brea Ave., Slauson Ave. and Overhill Drive.   The vertically striated tower is a leftover from the original scheme, which was to have consisted of vertical steel channels 9" wide and up to 17' long, with light-weight concrete fill for insulation. These alternated with 9" x 17' windows, hinged at the top, opening outward.

Frank Lloyd Wright I All-Steel Houses for Los Angeles I 1938 I Proposed for an area bounded by La Brea Ave. and Overhill Drive

The Free University of Berlin (Candilis, Josic, Woods and Schiedhelm – 1963)

The Free University of Berlin (Candilis, Josic, Woods and...

landscape-architecture-wine-1c2ba-lugar.jpg (2559×3633)

Positive Magazine Architecture La Rioja,Toscana, Napa Valley, Competition For The New Winery Rendering anchors the presentation board, allows for sky to blend in with white background.