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INFP Problems: Photo

INFP Problems: some days I'm way too sensitive to interact with the rest of society

Why I talk constantly

Infp moments, I always day dream of someone seeing me,like those coffee shop moments.

Every time.

INFP/enfp Problems - always so awkward. yet at the same time I need the complements.

Being terrified of wasting your love, emotions and vulnerability on people that won't understand or appreciate them.    I have done this.  It's devastating.  It hurts more than you can imagine.

Infp problems: "Being terrified of wasting your love, emotions, and vulnerability on people that won't understand or appreciate them.

INFP Problems

INFP Problems // Anything that connects to their core values will be impossible to change their minds on.

The power of direct eye contact can knock me on my ass.

I rarely make or keep eye contact, even when conversing with people. I frequently stare at my hands or an object or a wall while talking, but hardly ever make eye contact.

INFP Problems | As I get older, this gets worse. Experiences have taught me that most people will take advantage of it. Self-fulfilling...

INFP Problems Oh the story of my life. To pour out myself to people or a cause or job and then get shit on and not appreciated. Biggest hurt and betrayal of all.

How to be an Introvert and Still Succeed at Conferences

INFP, if you don't know, is one of sixteen personality types in the Jung-Briggs Personality Test. I am the INFP type, and I do think this.

This quirky hashtag on Twitter describes the daily struggles of people with the INFP personality type.

To daydream, or not to daydream: 29 INFP problems, according to Twitter