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*one direction fandom laughs nervously* while slowly raising hands

Oh my gosh. Yes! Since when is it a crime to like One Direction? I feel like I'm a criminal listening to them at school, and even doing stuff like this sometimes! It's kind of sad. Why aren't we allowed to like what makes us happy? Why is it so wrong? You can like the rapper that beats up his girlfriend, but we can't like the band that sings for charities and visits hospitalized children? It doesn't make sense to me. Why do they make fun of us?

Getting hated on for anything you enjoy applies to this. would someone make someone feel bad for liking something that makes them happy? Listen to whatever you want.

What a beautiful billboard

What a beautiful billboard

Haha its funny cuz its true. ARG stop making me love you, Styles!

Harry is like the little nephew and Pitbull is like that Uncle who freaking loves his nephew but sometimes can't handle his shit❤️

Corny.... But lovely

Zayn, Liam, and Louis looks unimpressed xD Except Niall! What are we going to do with you<<am i the only one who would always love harry's silly jokes? xD<<< Liam is like. I dont know him i swear!