Once upon a starry moonlit night

"Shall rise just as the moon & stars" tattoo. - Simple little moon & starrs that I want!

We welcome you to our latest collection of 35 Sun Tattoos Ideas For Men And Women. Check out and get inspired to flaunt your tattoo.

Check the way to make a special photo charms, and add it into your Pandora bracelets.

Choosing a great placement is very important for tattoo lovers to have a tattoo design. It should be easily visible and also easy to cover up when you don’t want it to be seen. The back of neck is just a visible and perfect part of the body to adorn with a tattoo! Most people, …

55+ Attractive Back of Neck Tattoo Designs

Looking for neck tattoos to redefine your fashion statement? Go through our incredible collection of neck tattoo designs and ideas that are fresh and innovative

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20 Shoulder Mandala Tattoos for Women and Girls **Mandala tattoos are my favorite. I love the shoulder placement!

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