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Once I saw some 14 year olds giving bj's to Cypress Hill backstage & I lost my ever loving mind.

My Chemical Romance 2001-2013

My Chemical Romance can never die, because it's not just a band. It's an idea-Gerard Way

I'm so proud of Gerard

and I'm so happy 4 him and I'm so proud of him 4 quitting. God bless Gerard Way 😊😊😊

Rhymes with the Ways

My Chemical Romance - Mikey Way, Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro but can we just take a moment to appreciate these guys faces in the pic of Mikey and gee

He never ages and currently looks like a blonde sixteen year old

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way. Look at the school photo, so smooth. But he sill looks hot in them all

If you like my chemical romance so if you do repost

So hard to think that the people that saved my life won't even make music together anymore.<< if you don't republish this then what is the matter with you!