Jim Caviezel who played Jesus in the Passion of the Christ.very handsome man :) :)---and a very devout Christian man who truly and passionately loves God and Jesus unconditionally!

Jim Caviezel the most beautiful Jesus

Nothing against Russell Crowe but it would have been awesome if Jim Caviezel had been cast as Jor-El in the upcoming Superman movie. Then he would've been his dad in 2 movies! (though I think they took liberties in that part of Count of Monte Cristo.

Still of Jim Caviezel in The Thin Red Line

Jim Caviezel as 'Private Witt' in Terrence Malick's film "The Thin Red Line.


Jim Caviezel and Chiwetel Ejiofor have joined the cast of the upcoming Annette Haywood-Carter's historical drama Savannah. Caviezel and Ejiofor join the ca

Jim Caviezel in Person of Interest. Para nada sospechoso el vago con semejante cámara y nunca nadie le pregunta que ***rda está haciendo lol

great actor, gorgeous, too . Count of Monte Cristo . now on "Person of Interest" on CBS .

Favorite Actor - Jim Caviezel (Frequency, Count of Monte Cristo, The Passion, & now Person of Interest)

Favorite Actor - Jim Caviezel (Frequency, Count of Monte Cristo, The Passion, & now Person of Interest); Such a fantastic actor.

Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel

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Gilles Chevalier - Sexy Guy with the Most Beautiful Eyes! ---- Hot Guys: This male model certainly has the most unbelievable eyes.

Orlando Bloom is a cool actor, he is great in Pirates of the Caribbean

Orlando Bloom - l'album du fan-club

Orlando Bloom is an English actor. He had his break-through roles in 2001 as the elf-prince Legolas in The Lord of the Rings and in 2003 as blacksmith Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.