made with duct tape.....I'm totally making my Halloween costume out of tape!

Stuck at Prom: duct tape prom dresses and tuxedos

duct tape dress and suit

Duck Brand 1265019 Color Duct Tape, Neon Orange, 1.88 Inches x 15 Yards, Single Roll


Ducted Out: Teens Compete For Scholarship In Prom Attire Made From Duct Tape

Homemade Crayon Set Group Costume: The four of us decided we wanted to do a group costume so we thought of making ourselves into crayons. We got the idea of using duct tape for this Crayon

Coolest Crayon Set Group Costume

Life in the Motherhood: Inspiration

My mom made me a costume like this as a child, used all colored balloons and put a thin clear trash bag over- bag of jelly beans!

These would be good for halloween too!

3 ABC Party Outfits That Are Better Than Real Clothes

Every collegiette remembers her first ABC (anything but clothes) party, and you probably ended up using a trash bag or caution tape as a