A complete scene that follows a staff spinning in hand, the artist adds movement to the staff to show that it is spinning in a coherent way.  The camera follows the hand and goes to the face.

Great adjustment of camera angles to enhance the "movement".

bending, fighting, wizardry, dynamic poses

Once upon a time I thought I& animate my character Li performing an original water bending form. Then I got half way through & the key frames and recovered my sanity.

CATSUKA - Somes pages of “Deadwood Designs” dojin...

Somes pages of “Deadwood Designs” dojin self-published in 2010 by japanese director/animator Yoh Yoshinari (Little Witch Academia).




Dynamic sword poses by Master-sweez knight base perspectives ( back , front , top , side )

@彩色铅笔动画 原画序列分享,P2为动图...

A storyboard of what looks to be an entire scene. It shows every action and movement that will be conducted. A very good reference for animators doing action.