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sisters and the friends u love the most and God and your family are the Bestest friends u can have

i love my sister :) my best friend, a Shoulder to lean on to talk things out. A pick me up person:) always love unconditional don't judge others! I love My baby sister❤


never regret to meet different kinds of people. Good people give you happiness. Bad people give lessons, and marvelous people give you memories.

░ What Defines Us Is How Well We Rise After Falling ░

What defines us is how well we rise after falling - move forward, move on.

Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents Summary - Deepack Chopra - Free Fridge Printable

Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents by Deepak Chopra - Free Printable PDF (magical thinking. and once again, the passive-aggressive judgment and destruction of.


➳➳➳☮American Hippie - Time to live is now . no one has a guarantee of tomorrow :)

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Self-forgiveness can be difficult, you say to yourself "how could I have been so gullible/trusting?" I do forgive the perpetrator but don't forget why they aren't invited into my life anymore. The self-forgiveness is not easy tho'.

¡¡ Feliz Martes!  Empecemos con fuerza y... ¡¡a cumplir sueños!! #felizmartes…

¡¡ Feliz Martes! Empecemos con fuerza y... ¡¡a cumplir sueños!! #felizmartes…


You can not have a healthy relationship with people who are wearing a mask……Be real, Be genuine, Be that unique person you are. All the people we really care about you, will love you for who you truly are.

Don't know what you have until you lose it

People say you dont know what youve got till its gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought youd lose it. so true