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This site is pretty much useless to attempt access, but I am saving for the idea of cross stitching white on white.

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Drawn Thread Work and White Work with a highlight of contrasting color - pretty border from: італійська вишивка . - Italian embroidery§ molto fine e bello §

Deshilado y bordado :)

Hardanger Embroidery, Step Drawn-thread embroidery -- Here, woven bars and dove's eyes. Embroidery by Jennifer Broschinsky.

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I imagine this technique applied to other fabric like jersey. It wouldn't be exactly the same but some basics can be used.

beautiful Hardanger embroidered tablecloth * ROSE BUDS* - NEW & 100 % handmade

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Hardanger with cross stitch and instructions. Vainicas con punto de cruz e instrucciones.

mult-media embroidery: Hazel Blomkamp stitched this. She has combined checked fabric into her Jacobean-style embroidery and appliqué. There's a reason she calls herself the Rebellious Needlewoman.