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IT Cast 1990 vs. 2017

IT Cast 1990 vs. 2017

IT Cast 1990 vs. 2017 - Except for Pennywise, Georgie, Richie I like both equally and Stan who is bad at both, I prefer

His alter ego is Bill Skarsgård?!?!?

It is Bill SkarsgårdIf anyone hasn’t seen this movie, you should- it’s about a gang of bike-riding kids invading a local clown’s home then beating him up for trying to feed h.

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Flyqueen — Gosh, Pennywise, don’t let those teens fool you!

MLP crossed with IT? Can’t see that happening any time soon! Anyway, Pennywise had a pretty bad day and Pinkie Pie wants to cheer him up, so she gives him a balloon!

pt. 1

not another mews

Sharky Shark And The Funky Bunch

Welcome to the circus, come in and float with us “the losers club/pennywise role reversal au pt 1 ”