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La primera fotografía de la luna llena.

22 increíbles primeras fotos de la historia

The very first detailed photograph of the Moon, by John William Draper

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La primera fotografía de la luna llena.

22 increíbles primeras fotos de la historia

First Photograph Of The Moon, 1840 J. Draper was a busy guy. After taking the first non-selfie portrait, he turned his camera skyward, taking one of the very first photographs of the moon in

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On June 2013 the sun, Earth and moon was in alignment, with the moon hitting its perigee; that means it was closer to the Earth than normal, making it bigger and brighter and full.

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The Far Side of the Moon Credit: Apollo 16 Crew, NASA Explanation: Does this moon look familiar? Possibly not, even though it is Earth’s Moon. Locked in synchronous rotation, the Moon always presents.

james nasmyth & james carpenter,   full moon, 1871

Full Moon, exhibiting the bright streaks radiating from Tycho, 1871 - from “The Moon: Considered as a Planet, a World, and a Satellite”

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There is something about the moon that I just connect with.. can't explain; it's just there... #serene #peaceful #quiet

Blue Moon Writing Freebie - Today, August is a blue moon. Here's a quick and easy writing activity your students will enjoy. Grab it now because you can only use this lesson once in a blue moon!

Today {31/8} is the last Blue Moon until 2015. The term "blue moon" refers to the 2nd full moon in one month ~ a rare event.

"Once in a blue moon." The term became another way of saying "rarely". Although the moon stays it's natural color, the term blue moon came known as having two full moons in one month.

Good Night Moon..... | I didn't know it was impossible.. and I did it :-) - No sabia que era imposible.. y lo hice :-) | Scoop.it

Good Night Moon.....

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Mi Universar: Luna llena de abril

Mi Universar: Luna llena de abril

.beautiful!! by Ирина Дубровская

Winter Wonderland, Snowy moon - Frost Moon, also known as The Snow Moon, Beaver Moon, Cold Moon and Mourning Moon