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Bauhaus: Art as Life: Kathleen James-Chakraborty, Eva Forgas, Anya Baumhoff, Klaus Weber:

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Alexandre Mikhaïlovitch Rodtchenko 1891 - 1956 Александр Михайлович Родченко Artiste russe à la fois peintre, sculpteur, photographe et designer

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Original Design Art Deco Bauhaus Poster Print Vintage Cat Fashion Vogue Style via Etsy. Oh, yes, they do walk like the elegant cats, just watch one proud littl puss stroll along.


Despite the fact that it lasted for only fourteen years, the legacy of the Bauhaus endures and its principles can be seen in much of what we think of today as contemporary or modern design, whether it’s in the homes we live in or the typography we use.

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hueandsaturation: “ The Daily Beast cover illustration. Alfred Hitchcock: The Psycho Genius of Hollywood. “To say he’s making a comeback would be misleading, because he never went away. Alfred Hitchcock’s place in the pantheon of great directors has.

BAUHAUS 1919 – 1928 Herbert Bayer, Walter Gropius and Ise Gropius [Editors]

Bayer, Gropius & Gropius: BAUHAUS 1919 – New York: Museum of Modern Art, First edition in jacket.