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A presentation dagger category A Selection of Fine Arms I provenance France dating third quarter of the 19th Century

A presentation dagger category: A Selection of Fine Arms I provenance: France third quarter of the Century


Darksiders II ‘Create A Weapon’ Contest – Concept

Kovar is legendary for his powerful weapons, endless in variety and potential. Of course, he's banned from making the perfect weapon; there must always be a flaw, a weakness.

infernaldawn_laethysstaff4207GQ810P.jpg (1888×5332)

OK but what if shape shifters need things to enhance their magic if they want to fight with it (so like spells or a wand or this thing.

Demon Battleaxe

I like the look of this blade as its a very durable and small axe and its blade looks very sharp and could do some major damage to anyone


Billy: This weapon looks powerful and has an engraving that gives an overall feel for the sword.

Fantasy Sword 1 by Dracoart-Stock on DeviantArt

This is a similar design to the Riders' swords. The notches on the hilt are used to catch an enemy's sword. One and a half handed sword, which means you can hold it with one hand and half of the other. This type of sword is used in many fantasy films.