Concept art of Hammers from Darksiders 2 by Jonathan Kirtz

Example of weapon concept art. *Darksiders II Concept Art by Jonathan Kirtz*

So can I have my exploiting bloodsword now or what?

Build your sword.

Pick your sword: I would pick ghost and Ethereal<<- Diamond and ethereal


Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag: Multiplayer Weapons, Gaëtan Perrot on ArtStation - various pistols :)

The Force of Null, an relic from the Umbral Age,a warhammer that nullified magic within users when the stones came into contact with them

Dead Hammer by ~nitro-killer on deviantART this wouldt be as unwieldy as other mostly becasue its stone. but it still would be dreadfully hard to use

House of Nobles

Celtic Swords- Love these things, the Celts knew what they were doing. Managed to beat back the Roman army a number of times with them.

Fauchon, storta, en partie Italie début XVIIe siècle. An Italian falchion,  This kinda reminds me of Marry Poppens.

Falchion with double-fullered, clip point blade and ornate falcon-head pommel and guard finials.