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Simpsons Comics 81 - Hammocks - Homer Simpson - Famous - Bongo - Drool - Bill Morrison, Matt Groening

Homer smugly asleep in the hammock, with a hammock book on his face.

Simpsons Comics 7 - Bill Morrison, Matt Groening

At the circus, The Simpsons are pretend to be trapezes. Homer almost gets afraid of heights.


Bart tries to climb a hole, but he pops out of the hole, sees his torso was shaking there, to his surprise.

The Simpsons Summer Shindig 07

The Simpsons Summer Shindig (Cover Artist: Jason Ho) On Sale:

Simpsons Comics 15 - Bongo - Approved By The Comics Code Authoritytv View - 225 Us - Sky - 15 - Bill Morrison, Matt Groening

In happiness, Abe Simpson holding a TV listings book that shows the Simpson family gone to sled. Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie are almost terrified with Homer happily weaves.

Simpsons Comics 112 - When Second Bananas Attack - Scared Homer - Skinner With Gun - Wiggum With Captains Hat - Bongo Comics - Jason Ho, Matt Groening

Crim fighters Moe, Principal Skinner, Chief Wiggum and Abe are popping out, with Homer looked at them in surprise, in a dark green background.

Simpsons Comics 29 - Bill Morrison, Matt Groening

During a fighting game, Homer has been attack by a game fighter.

Simpsons Comics 26 - Bill Morrison, Matt Groening

Bart, Lisa and Milhouse are so terrified, with Otto smugly smiled.

Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie sees Marge on television when she is a judge in the courtroom, much to their dismay.

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Simpsons Comics Hit the Road! (Simpsons Comic Compilations) Simpsons Comics Hit the Road