Volleyballen (of kijken naar) op het heerlijke warme zand!

I love to play sand volleyball in the summer. It's always a fun time to get outside and play a game with friends or in a league. (summer days with friends)



Former Nebraska Volleyball player, Kelsey Robinson.

Kelsey Robinson is my volleyball role model! She is an outside hitter like me and she is on the US women's volleyball team. She is also one of the youngest players on the team and that's me on the school team.

Time for some beach volleyball #ROXYOutdoorFitness

Summer is here and LA is full of activities that are begging you to get outdoors! Hit the beach for a quick game of volleyball to keep in shape & enjoy the season.

High School Girl's Volleyball in Texas #highschool #volleyball

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Julia's Doormate, Olivia, one of her bestest of friends, met at volleyball practice because Julia fell and broke her ankle again.

Volleyball...... Oh yea!!!

Oh yea!

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When you go to dig a volleyball in a game that is considered a short burst of activity because you have to jump right back up. Therefore volleyball is a great anaerobic workout because you an produce energy while playing, without using oxygen.