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1939 Duesenberg Coupe Simone Midnight Ghost by the American Car designer Emmet-Armand

Gullwing Panamericana 300 SL

The Mercedes 300SL is among the most iconic cars ever made. An incredible winning streak in races throughout the 50s didn’t hurt the car’s legacy, but it was the gullwing doors that rewrote the book on auto design. This new reproduction by Texas-based custom builders, GWA, is based on the winning 1952 Panamerica car. Aside from the silhouette and period-correct looks, this car is all new. Its powered by a new V8 Benz engine, gearbox & drivetrain, and the body…

Modified 1952 Mercedes Benz Gull wing Panamericana Shelby Cobra WRC Mini Water Crossing I want this car, please.

Bobby Darin Dream Car by john4kc, via Flickr

1960 DiDia 150 aka The Bobby Darin “Dream Car” This exotic luxury car was built by Bobby Darin’s friend, Andrew Di Dia, a Detroit clothing designer. It took seven years to build at a cost.

Holy Armageddon mobile. Looks kinda like a vw bus and an armadillo had a giant baby.

It said "VW Camper concept powered by custom chopper motorcycle by Amen Design & Engineering." I don't know of any motorcycle engine with enough power to push this big thing around. Looks like something the Shredder r Darth Vader would own.


The newest version of the fully-loaded, dressed-to-the-hilt muscle car of my dreams, Chevy Camaro

1936 Delahaye Delahaye automobile manufacturing company was started by Emile Delahaye in 1894, in Tours, France. His first cars were belt-driven, with single- or twin-cylinder engines. In 1900, Delahaye left the company. The company lasted until 1954. source

I don't usually pin Cars, but when I do, they're so streamlined they might be submarines! :) "A sub in every garage, and a salmon in every pot," ha ha. Previous pinner wrote: 1939 Delahaye 165 with coachwork by Figoni et Falaschi