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Someone make this. ASAP

Someone make this. ASAP


Happy Anniversary to JJ Project as well ^^ Sadly I couldn't find any really good JJP memes so I'll just post a (+BTS) meme :) Admin Nadine

Meme Center | allkpop   Ahahahahha lol, Onew XD

Yeah guys that is exactly Onew condition you are thinking right 😂 Ahahahahha lol, Onew XD

Wow that's quite a few different girls...

I thought it was Taeyong from NCT, or even Taeyang from SNSD

Bias win! I don't even have a crush but if I did, this is how it would go XD

My crush is my bias truth or dare is the most terrifying game in the planet because I say JEON JUNGKOOK and they all look so disappointed but go around telling people RHIANA LIKES A KOREAN GUY! They already know idiots

Guilty.... Or you know a thirty year old man .__.

Okay sorry again about a random pin but yeah call people adoribal that a few years AR just older than me cute and adorable but I don't call old people that my limited it like 35 to call peoe cute and Adoribal

yep...but i said it in my head...loudly. I was like..YOU SAY THAT AND YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW

YUP and also the part where a teen said tao looks like tyler oakley i was like excuse me he doesnt look like a gay fag>>>>Why you got to hate on gays? He doesn't look like Tyler though that is true.

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She sleeps in 5 minutes when i minutes if she aren't on the vibe.

the cycle will never stop

This is totally me. Just Tao is enough to throw me through a loop, not to mention all of BTS B.P, BIG BANG, AND many many more.

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Image result for funny meme kpop bts and exo