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Modelo previo. Slancio, por Giacomo Tringali y Massimo Mazzone. Imagen cortesía de Massimo Mazzone.

Modelo previo. Slancio, por Giacomo Tringali y Massimo Mazzone. Imagen cortesía de Massimo Mazzone.

Do you think you're getting accurate time and attendance for your field employees? Don't think you are; know you are!

Sundial in Maastricht. Click image for details & visit the Slow Ottawa 'Tactical Urbanism' board for more clever hacks.

Teach how time was measured before clocks. Make a sundial

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Earth and Space Science Daily and Seasonal Changes Have the students create their own sun dials. They can tell time from the sun and learn how people told time back in the day. you can also tie this into a social studies lesson dealing with with any cu

Top Outdoor Science Activities

Top Outdoor Science Activities and Experiments for Kids

This human sundial shadow science experiment is a hands-on way for kids to learn how shadows are made and measure the earth's rotation. Contains questions to ask during and after the experiment. Shadow Science Outdoor STEM Science experiments for kids

Hmmm, I'm thinking this needs to be turned into a clock... Not enough hours in the day to read all the books I want to read.

Art for the book addict. And for an old book. The person is a little creepy but its a neat idea

Ok, so this brass armillary sphere in lavender by David Harber really makes me wich I could grow lavendar. -Garden Ornaments-

Garden Ornaments to Decorate Your Garden

Armillary Sphere Sundial - modern - garden sculptures - london - by David Harber

Vertikaluhr aus Schiefer von David Harber www.davidharber.com/de/

Vertical sundials: a hand crafted wall sundial in enamel, slate, stone or lead adds a touch of magic to your home or garden

something deep v like this with fluttery sleeves and a hint of cleavage?

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20 Garden Bird Bath Ideas to Keep Your Feathered Friends Singing

I am currently working on a series of sculptural bird baths. These images represent work that Ive sold recently. They are welded steel

White & Blue

Sundial Bridge, spanning the Sacramento River at Redding, California, designed by Santiago Calatrava